WOA 2023 XXIV Workshop in collaboration with EGOS Colloquium

Awards & SI

Best Paper Award

Starting in 2019, on the occasion of the 20th edition of the Workshop of Scholars and Teachers of Business Organization (WOA), the puntOorg-ASSIOA award was established. The prize is awarded every year by a committee to which the winner/s of the previous edition belong by right and that is even the group of guest editors of a thematic Issue of puntOorg International Journal linked to the Conference.

The next prize-giving ceremony is scheduled for WoA 2023 (Cagliari, 6 July 2023, WoA Assembly) and will be held at the University of Cagliari. The best paper will be selected among the contributions submitted to the Workshop and the author/s will be recognized in an amount of € 500,00 as a paper awarded.

The Scientific Committee of the puntOorg-ASSIOA Award 2023 is composed by:

  • Maria Chiara Di Guardo, University of Cagliari
  • Maryia Zaitsava, University of Cagliari
  • Elona Marku, University of Cagliari

Call for papers: (Re)Thinking Innovation and Organizations to Tackle Grand Challenges: Theories, Practices, and Approaches toward Shared Values

Call for papers – Special Issue – PuntoOrg International Journal

Editors: Maria Chiara Di Guardo, Elona Marku, Maryia Zaitsava, Rachel Cooper, Lee Omar 

Call for papers, guidelines, and submission. 

Deadline for full paper submission: 31 March 2024

We invite submissions related but not limited to:

  1. How can organizations rethink the role of innovation in face of grand challenges?
  2. What theories and organizational practices can bridge social agendas and business goals?
  3. What are the tensions, constraints, and tradeoffs of the paradigm of shared value to tackle grand challenges?
  4. Under what conditions can organizations support the redesigning of products, services, or the previously overlooked needs of society in a sustainable way?
  5. How do aligning social and business values influence organizational short and long-term performance and values?
  6. What is the new role of human-centered innovation approaches, e.g., design thinking, in face of grand challenges?
  7. How can emerging technologies be translated into meaningful innovation to respond to grand challenges?
  8. What is the role of social innovation and social entrepreneurship?
  9. How can previously disadvantaged groups of people/society contribute and benefit from the innovation process and grand challenges tackling?
  10. What are practices for effective co-creation and collaboration between actors, such as private organizations, governmental institutions, universities, and civil society?

We welcome theoretical and empirical contributions that adopt diverse theoretical lenses, including studies that draw on organizational theory, strategy, entrepreneurship, and public policy. We are interested in papers that use both quantitative and qualitative approaches and encourage the submission of research that uses new methods, novel data, and spans across multiple levels of analysis to enrich the empirical research base in this field.